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This is Dalalyft.

It’s about thinking in a new way.

Thanks to technology, we can think and act in
arenas that we could previously only dream about.

Forget global.

Forget local.

We’re living glocally!

Quite something, isn’t it?

What is the world like today? Hear what Hans Rosling has to say.

It’s about




We need to have everybody adapt.

Change jobs. Learn new skills. Learn more.

Skills can become out of date, and the one who has competence is the one who is able to keep up with the times. The European Social Fund (ESF) is the European Union’s most important instrument for creating more and better job opportunities in Europe.
The financer of this project was ESF.

It’s about

small businesses.

Small businesses in Sweden

with up to 9 employees

  • make up 96 % of all businesses in the country,
  • stand for 25 % of the productivity value of business and industry
  • and approximately 20 % of total turnover and number of employees in business and industry.

Over the last 20 years, 4 out of every 5 jobs have been created in small businesses.

Sources: tillvaxtverket.se and foretagarna.se

The digital agenda is what it’s about.

The government states that

“The potential of IT must be exploited so as to increase
growth, competitiveness and trade.”

Watch the lecture on the new landscape of learning

Part 1 - Part 2

The Challenge

Global competition ends up in Särna.

We must be on board. Time is scarce. Competence, yes!
But what kind? And in what? And who?

Currently, Sweden is experiencing the highest rate of urbanization of any EU country.

Things are heating up in Dalarna.

Expansion and growth.

Generational shift.

At least 6000 people will need replacing.

This is what one expert has to say.

Dalarna has a plan

and Dalalyft is an important part of that plan.

This is the Dala Strategy.

Dalalyft is all about small businesses.

96 % of businesses in Dalarna
have up to 9 employees.

Small businesses and their employees make up 30% of the province’s municipal tax income.

They are crucial for the future growth of Dalarna

Source: Företagarna

See Your Municipality


Avesta Data

has contributed towards 30 places in after-school centres.

ME Hudvård

has contributed towards 5 400 school lunches.


has contributed towards 8 heart operations.


has contributed towards 2 positions in the police force.



Things as they stand today:

  • 25 % of all employees work in small businesses.
  • Small businesses are active and directly crucial for the growth of Dalarna,
  • but 76 % of the 29 000 small-business employees have
    no more than secondary-school education.
  • Sources: AMS and SCB.

The equation that small businesses
just can’t manage to think about.

Professional skills + ord = competitiveness


Our task is to teach

small companies
about learning.

Gain skills, improve your level of competence

  • on your terms
  • just in time
  • and with new technology as a support.

The Dala Model works.

”Competence on demand”.

Learning takes place when it is needed. It does not interrupt the organization. A mix of physical meetings and digital solutions. Learning becomes fun. You own your learning process. This is Next Generation Learning!

This is the new way of thinking.

A social innovation,

You are in control of your learning.

Technology is the means, not the goal.


You are active
for your own sake.

Begin with what you need. Test the Dala Model.

Here you can find our handbook.

Since our 2010 start, we have

  • educated 1040 people from 450 businesses;
  • organized  797 activities with 4824 participants;
  • and delivered about  19 296 participant hours.

On average, that’s 3,6 employees per business.

The Results

  • 51 % have made new business contacts.
  • 87 % state that Dalalyft has contributed to the growth of their company.
  • 89 % now feel that learning new things is enjoyable.
  • 82 % have shared their knowledge/skills.
  • 89 % feel inspired to make further investments in the
    competence development of the business.

“It’s too good to be true.”

/Businessperson, Säter

“For us, Dalalyft has been fantastic. It has given all our employees the opportunity to take a course in management.”

/Businessperson, Säter

“What you get is a well-needed kick in the rear!”

/Employee, Borlänge

“It feels both stimulating and motivating to continue with the work we’ve begun.”

/Businessperson, Rättvik

“This came at just the right time for us, and it feels just great!”

/Businessperson, Rättvik

Watch a film about Dalalyft

Important factors for successful
growth and development are

equality, accessibility and

exchange that transcends national borders.

    Increased equality is an important factor for success.

  • 56 % of all participants in Dalalyft were women: they represent 60 % of the total hours used. Of the 100 participants who took part most, the ratio is 63 women to 37 men.
  • Traditionally, “businesses” are gender-coded as male and “education” as female. This may explain the gender distribution in Dalalyft that could be seen in both these areas.

Increased accessibility includes and increases profitability.

Avesta Data is investing in accessibility to become the most accessible business in Dalarna.

How can you develop profitable accessibility in your business?

Theory meets practice. Shared visions become new methods. Collaboration with other countries gives added value.

Our partners are Ghent University and BizLearn.Net.

Social change is rapid.

Knowledge and skills are becoming accessible to more and more people.

You alone are setting the limitations for what is possible.

The project Dalalyft has reached its goal,

but lifelong learning continues.

Final Report 2012

Screening Report 2013

Final Report 2014

Final Conference Part 1

Final Conference Part 2

Hand on heart. What does Dalarna need to be successful?

We believe in the following:

  • A door to competence development opportunities,
  • • that are provided by actors that the businesses trust,
  • • that always have an up-to-date view of the world and are aware of the trends,
  • • that always have an up-to-date view of the world and are aware of the trends,
  • • that can assist through short, concrete efforts over time,
  • • that have voices that are clearly heard by politicians.

This is an intermediary. Hear what an expert has to say.

Present conditions will allow for continued development.

The focus is moving from competence development to competence provision.

Anders Ahlgren presents information about Dalalyft in Sweden’s parliament, Riksdagen.

The General Director of ESF speaks.

The new Dala Strategy.

For continuous regional growth.

Create Business Region Dalarna

BR Örebro & Göteborg

Project Management and Contact Information

John Quick

Project Leader

Project Management and Strategic Development

Jennie Fredriksson

Assistant Project Leader

Transnational Collaboration, Equality,
Next Generation Learning and Business Contacts

Peter Gunnebro

Project Leader

Analysis, Accessibility and Business Contacts

Kerstin Littke

Project Developer

Work Based Learning, Validation, The Dala Model

Jan Svärdhagen

Project Developer

Next Generation Learning

Monica Morrison



Project Owner: Västerbergslagens Utbildningscentrum VBU

Financing: 15 million Swedish Kronor from the European Social Fund

Project Period: February 2010 until March 2014

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